Heart of the City, since 1996, has been bringing a message, model and experience of multi-ethnic worship and Biblical unity to thousands of people through the live performances and many recordings of the multi-ethnic, multi-denominational and multi-generational Heart of the City Worship Band.

In a time when divisions are increasing and becoming more entrenched, the need is great in both large and small ways to build bridges in the name of Jesus. Their Mission is “To bring a message, model and experience of multi-ethnic worship and Biblical unity to Christians, and the Gospel to those who are not Christians yet.”

Through the 11 different ethnicities represented in the Heart of the City Worship Band, along with the generational and denominational diversity amongst them, they seek to model that unity in their music, incorporating styles such as Native American, East Indian, Gospel, Urban Contemporary, Reggae, Salsa, Bossa Nova and others. 

Now, since 2018, they are continuing this mission through hosting stylistically and ethnically diverse concerts at the Heart of the City Music Factory in Anoka, Minnesota. 

Celebrating 25 Years as a Ministry!

Through the chaos and ongoing upheaval of the past year's events into early 2021, we almost overlooked the amazing fact that it is our 25-year anniversary as a ministry!!! What wonders God has done over the years and we are in awe of all of the beautiful, diverse band members who have been (and some who still are since the beginning!) a part of the Heart of the City! God be praised! 

"Then our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with shouts of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” The LORD has done great things for us; we are filled with joy." ~Psalm 126:2-3

"After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands." ~Revelation 7:9

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Latest News

We Speak Life Project

We're excited about the songs with the beauty and power of the Native American-style music on this CD! But what really makes this project extra special and unique, is that we've included the testimonies of six Native Americans - 3 women and 3 men - from different generations, different tribes and different locations, sharing how their lives were changed when they surrendered their lives to Jesus!  

Help Enable Us to Give This Project Away to thousands of Native Americans! 

This project presents the hope, healing and power of the Gospel in a unique way that has great potential to transform many more lives like those of these six Jesus followers on this project. The Reservations are filled with spiritual strongholds of poverty, pain, abuse and addiction with roots that are complex, historical and so difficult to uproot. But as heard in these six stories, Jesus can truly tear up these roots of death and bring new life and hope through the Gospel! 

The Impact has Already Been Great!

We are so excited to tell you that in the last couple of  months we have already given away over 3,000 of our new We Speak Life CD's! The majority of these have gone out to Native Americans in many locations!

Here is a sampling of where some of them have gone: 

-Fort Thompson Reservation - north of Chamberlain, South Dakota 

-United Tribes of Little Earth in South Minneapolis 

-St. Croix Reservation 

-A ministry in Wisconsin that serves the homeless and addicted 

-To a Native American Pastor taking them to the Red Lake, Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations 

-Native American Holy Ghost Fire Walkers Ministry 

-Vineland Native American Chapel on the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe 

-Dancing In The Truth Coaching/Native American Leadership Training  in Albuquerque, NM  

-Reflecting the Light Native American Ministry 

-Native American led Burnt Swamp Baptist Association and Morning Star Ministries in Pembroke, NC 

-Native American Christian Ministry of Fargo Moorhead

-And many more to various Reservations around the country where seminars on trafficked and missing Indigenous women will be held 

Click here to see a Native American Pastor's distribution of the CDs at Pine Ridge Reservation!

We already have more requests for We Speak Life CD's than we are able to fill! So we would love to keep printing these and spreading them all over the country as long as there is a demand for them! 

THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE DONATED SO FAR TO HELP US PAY FOR THESE CD'S! Our goal would be to print at least another 1000 of them - which raises our financial need to $3500.00. If you would like to make a MAJOR impact and help us pay for these next 1000 CDs, just let us know when you make your donation that this is what you want your donation to be used for.

If you want to purchase or download a CD for yourself, you can follow the link below. 

To donate, you can mail us a check to Heart of the City Ministries, 2665 4th Ave, Anoka, MN 55303 or you can make a quick online credit card donation by clicking the link below. Whatever way you choose to donate, please let us know that you want to designate this donation for the We Speak Life CD so that we know it's not for a general donation.

With the release of our We Speak Life CD, we have finally uploaded to YouTube the video we recorded at the Music Factory of the title song "We Speak Life". Please take a few minutes to watch it and then, help spread the ministry of this song and Heart of the City, by sharing it with as many people as you can on Facebook and other social media sites!

UPDATE on Rosebud House of Prayer

Construction Helper Needs

We've received a report that amazing progress is being made on rehabbing the Rosebud House of Prayer on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota! But they could still use some skilled electricians, sheet-rockers and people who can help re-install insulation, as well as, regular laborers to helps with lots of general tasks. They have put together a detailed work schedule and list of needs that can give you a very clear sense of what you could do.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING THE ROSEBUD HOUSE OF PRAYER GET UP AND RUNNING, PLEASE CONTACT the Rosebud House of Prayer leadership at 651-237-2107 or email RHOPConnect@gmail.com. Teams will be scheduled at least monthly, and they will give you details about the work schedule, duties, housing, meals and transportation.

Latest News

Videos at Last!

We're so excited to finally have a few professionally done videos of the Heart of the City Band!

Several months ago, we had Greg Silker and a great crew volunteer their time and talents to come over to the Music Factory and video-tape four of our songs. 

If you like them, please share the videos and help spread our music and ministry around!


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