Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservation Follow-up

Two weeks ago, six of our singers hopped in a rental van and drove to the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota. What a great team and what a great week! We held 5 concerts in two different Reservation Jails and saw almost 30 individuals pray to receive Jesus as their Savior in those jails!! We also had the joy of singing and praying over our Lakota friend, Theresa Eastman's land where the footings have now been laid for the Rosebud House of Prayer for All Nations that she received a vision about when she was in jail in 2011!! It was a powerful experience as we stood on that prairie hill praying and singing "We Are One in the Spirit"! We are so excited to see the vision for this House of Prayer finally coming to fruition! 

On this trip we also had the chance to perform for and minister to about 50 students from four different states who were at Lakota Hope as part of a youth mission's trip. Once again, we felt God lead us to provide the opportunity for these "churched" kids to truly surrender to Jesus and begin following Him. The response was great with about 25 kids making a decision to surrender their lives to Jesus! One of our singers, Cyrena, also felt that God was telling her that some of the youth were contemplating suicide and she ended up having a powerful intervention in the lives of at least one teenager there!