Give to the Max Day 2020 Match

Praise God! Yesterday, during Give to the Max Day, we were able to not only meet our $2,500 Matching Grant goal for our "We Speak Life" Project, but also received extra funds for the ministry thanks to generous donors like you! 

The Reservations are filled with spiritual strongholds of poverty, pain, abuse and addiction with roots that are complex, historical and extremely difficult to uproot. Additionally, COVID-19 has further isolated and affected tribes spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Out of this need, we have recently released our new CD Project “We Speak Life” which includes songs with the beauty and power of the Native American-style music, as well as, the testimonies of 6 Native Americans - 3 women and 3 men - from different generations, different tribes and different locations, sharing how their difficult, painful lives were changed when they surrendered their lives to Jesus.  

This Project presents the hope, healing and power of the Gospel in a unique way that has great potential to transform many more lives like those of these six Jesus followers on this project. 

A generous donor is willing to donate $2,500.00 in matching funds to help us get this project in the hands of Native Americans. For example, $50.00 will be doubled to $100 and allows us to give 20 CD's away. 

The gifts given during Give to the Max Day 2020 will help enable us to give this project away to hundreds of Native Americans. 

Thank you for your generous support!