Ron Kenoly in Concert

A big shout out to everyone who came to see Ron Kenoly live in concert on Saturday night! The energy in the room was contagious and it was such a joy to see people even dancing in the aisles!

Ginny Owens in Concert

Such a great and impactful concert featuring Ginny Owens and so many new faces! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Wayne Watson in Concert

Such a wonderful concert and great to have Wayne Watson perform so many of his award-winning, nationally renowned songs!

Jenn Bostic in Concert

Jenn Bostic at the Music Factory tonight performed one of the very best concerts we've hosted! Amazing voice, musicianship and songwriting! More people need to hear this amazing artist!

Good Friday at the Music Factory

Praise God for the miracle of Easter and for what a special night this was! And shout out to everyone who came to this SOLD OUT event!

Kofi & the Firekeepers

What an amazing night of Christ-centered African-style Reggae music! Thank you, everyone, for the AMAZING TURNOUT and to Kofi Faya for coming back to the Music Factory!

Joel Hanson in Concert

Such a great concert featuring Joel Hanson and his band, as well as a guest appearance from his daughter!

A Tribute to Andrae' Crouch

Tonight's Andrae' Crouch Tribute concert with Billy Steele, Tonia Hughes-Kendrick, Sara Renner and Lanelle Lightfoot was amazing! Such a fantastic group of musicians and a great special guest singer - Dan Adler - as well!

Some Romantic Evening

It was a gorgeous evening with romantic music, so many well-dressed couples, and a delicious dinner catered from Hy-Vee!

New Year's Eve at the Factory 2024!

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to all who came out last night for our annual New Year's Eve event at the Music Factory! It was great to see both old and new faces and we wish you all a safe…