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February 2016

Keeping the Stage Young - Part Two by Dan Adler

A few weeks ago I wrote an article in response to an ad I saw for a worship pastor position at a church that said that part of the job description was to always “keep the stage young” because the leadership of this congregation is “more loyal to their future than their past”. If you missed that article, you can read it here. My article seemed to resonate with a lot of people and I received quite a few responses to it – so much so, that I felt that I should write a follow up to that article where I can make a few clarifications and additions to what I wrote.

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January 2016

Keeping the Stage Young by Dan Adler

Recently a job posting was brought to my attention regarding a worship leader position in a large church in Texas. The job sounded interesting enough, and included working with volunteer musicians, AV and tech stuff and leading worship – all responsibilities that are typically part of worship leading jobs. But then there was an added something that caught my eye and really made me cringe. It said, “Incorporate a variety of soloists and worship leaders each Sunday – always focusing on staying “young” on the stage (We want to be more loyal to our future than to our past)”. Wow! They actually said it out loud! All kinds of churches are leaning this same way, but don't usually come right out and say it.

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July 2014

Top Ten Reasons Not To Share The Gospel by Dan Adler

A really harsh reality is that most of us Christians, never, ever actually share the Gospel with anyone - ever. Yet a foundational part of our belief system is the Great Commission that Jesus gave to us, telling us to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations...." That commission wasn't for a few hired Christian professionals - you know, pastors, missionaries, "evangelists". No, it was for all of us. Yet most of us never do that. I've been one of those. Sure, I've shared the Gospel from the stage a lot and I've shared the Gospel one on one with a few people over the years, but overall, I just haven't done it much - and it's bothered me - but I haven't been able to seem to change my behavior.

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December 2013

A Waste of Resources? by Dan Adler

A few years ago, I met with a pastor and was talking with him about the vision for Biblical unity that Heart of the City has been seeking to model and call the Church to for so many years. I spoke with him about how I feel that our segregated congregations don’t reflect Biblical values and that our churches should be multi-ethnic whenever the population around them is diverse.

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July 2013

Words That Divide by Dan Adler

I've discovered that some of the divisions in the Church are often created and sustained in subtle ways that most people don't even notice. Stories of division through painful rifts in congregations, moral failures amongst leaders and divisions over doctrine and tradition are well known and common - and you can pretty much get the drift as to why they happen. But there are many other divisions that happen in more subtle ways but seem to have a similarly damaging impact. And I have noticed that some of those types of divisions start with words or phrases that seem to begin with good motivations, but ultimately lead to a further divided Church. Let me give you some examples.

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January 2013

An Old Woman Named Ruby by Dan Adler

I grew up in rural northwestern Wisconsin and attended a tiny Christian and Missionary Alliance church of about 60 people. In that little church, there was an older woman named Ruby who was one of a tiny group of faithful church members who always attended the small weekly prayer meeting that was held there. My own dear mom was often there with her. My childhood memory of Ruby was that she was very nice, had a painful marriage, wore a bad wig and was hard of hearing.

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March 2012

How Did We Get Here?
Part Two of: Has Modern Worship Become Its Own Musical Genre?
by Dan Adler

In my last article, I raised the concern that what is now known as "modern worship" has become so fraught with sameness and predictability that it has become its own musical sub-genre - so that when someone mentions "worship music" they're actually talking about a style of music instead of a broad palette of music used for congregational worship. This article is a follow-up to that article, discussing how I believe we arrived at this place.

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February 2012

Has Modern Worship Become Its Own Musical Genre? by Dan Adler

A few weeks ago, my 18 year old son made an interesting comment about a secular song he had heard. He said that when he heard it, it sounded like a modern worship song. By that, he meant that the musical instrumentation and construction of the song sounded like worship songs he'd heard. For him, all modern worship songs sound basically alike - and this secular song happened to sound like the "modern worship music genre".

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March 2010

Atheistic Evolutionists, Animal Rights Activists and the Church by Dan Adler

Atheism is becoming a pretty trendy worldview these days - especially amongst college age and a bit older types. Evolution is no longer taught as hypothesis or theory, but as fact - just ask Public Television. I guess this trend is understandable when more and more people are attending college while more and more professors are espousing atheism and evolution as the only real scientific and intelligent approach to life. They point to how all the world's troubles are caused by belief in God, and I'm sure they must wrap up most of their classes with a sing along of John Lennon's hymn to humanism, "Imagine". I heard famed atheist Richard Dawkins say (my paraphrase), "A lot of us just don't like the idea of some all powerful being looking over our shoulder and deciding what we should and shouldn't do." Well, that sentiment fits very well into the worldview of lots of little tiny humans who deny God while making themselves God. So it's understandable that this Godless worldview is being so readily embraced. It deifies self and removes accountability and humility.

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December 2009

Worship With Integrity by Dan Adler

I recently heard of a worship leader who had to pull out of ministry because of marriage problems that included extra-marital affairs. The news wasn't particularly shocking because, in the Christian world, this has become so painfully common. But what was even more disturbing is that this person talked about how they basically had no friendships in their congregation that would reinforce positive behavior. Almost everyone they know in their congregation attends church every Sunday morning and worships together, but then parties and drinks and goes clubbing the rest of the weekend. Their lifestyles have nothing to do with that hour of worship one day a week. Even more ironic is that this is a conservative, rather legalistic church - not what someone might stereotype as a liberal church. So you have this picture of a congregation of Christians and worship leaders who have no integrity in their worship.

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July 2009

If You Don't Like Obama by Dan Adler

We live in interesting times, to say the least. Our nation has probably never been more divided across ideological and political lines since the Civil War. Changes are happening and they're happening fast. Some people are thrilled about that and others are dismayed by it. As Christians, who happen to be citizens of the United States, we are caught up in the midst of all this and clearly, almost everyone has a strong opinion one way or the other. And with the internet at our fingertips, there is plenty of opportunity to spread those thoughts and opinions widely and quickly. Therefore, most of us receive plenty of politically loaded emails, blogs and news posts on a regular basis. I know I do. And that's what inspired me to write this article.

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