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“Welcome to the Heart of the City website! Since 1996, we’ve been bringing a message, model and experience of Multi-ethnic worship and Biblical unity with the talented and ethnically diverse Heart of the City Worship Band. Having the normal life of Christians be segregated and divided by denomination, congregation and even generation, is not the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17. We’re trying to change that. We hope you’ll check out this site, listen to clips from our CD’s and order them if you’d like. We would also encourage you to read some articles about unity and worship and check out our calendar of upcoming events.”

Dan & Sandy Adler

Our Mission:

"To unite Christians and break patterns of racial and denominational division by the
power of God through music, education and gatherings of worship and prayer."

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Our Latest News Article

Keeping the Stage Young by Dan Adler

Recently a job posting was brought to my attention regarding a worship leader position in a large church in Texas. The job sounded interesting enough, and included working with volunteer musicians, AV and tech stuff and leading worship – all responsibilities that are typically part of worship leading jobs. But then there was an added something that caught my eye and really made me cringe. It said, “Incorporate a variety of soloists and worship leaders each Sunday – always focusing on staying “young” on the stage (We want to be more loyal to our future than to our past)”. Wow! They actually said it out loud! All kinds of churches are leaning this same way, but don't usually come right out and say it.

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