Worship Celebrations

About once a month, Heart of the City Ministries hosts what is called a Heart of the City Worship Celebration in the Twin Cities area. These are events are held at host churches in both urban and suburban settings. These celebrations are oriented toward families of all ages as well as singles, youth and children. They are led by Dan and Sandy Adler along with the multi-ethnic Heart of the City Worship Band. The full band consists of 12 vocalist and 10 instrumentalists whose members are African-American, Native American, Hmong, East Indian, Caucasian, Latino, Filipino, Chinese, Brazilian and Caribbean and are from a cross-section of churches and denominations. But many of the events are led by a smaller version of the group made up of 10 or 12 of the band members. The goal of these gatherings is to build bridges between races and denominations and to unite and refresh the body of Christ through celebrative worship and prayer. These are not concerts, but evenings of participative worship. The words are up on a screen and several songs are sung in Spanish and in Hmong as well as English.

At each event, we have what we call our Pastor Spotlight. During this time, the host pastor is invited to come and briefly share about his/her congregation and what God has called them to and what they are up against. Sometimes, in suburban church settings, we invite an urban pastor to come share about his/her church. At other events, we have featured several pastors of varying churches in the area who are connected with each other. Then all of those attending take time to pray for that church or those churches. Time is also spent in prayer for Biblical unity amongst Christians and for the lost in the city who don't know Christ. One of our goals for the pastor spotlight, is to bless this featured pastor and their congregation by giving them exposure and encouragement from members of the Body of Christ from other congregations. The other goal is to expose those who attend to another congregation in the city. Our desire is to build a sense of connectedness in the Body of Christ, to encourage partnerships, to breakdown racial ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping and to build bridges between urban and suburban Christians and their congregations.

Please check our event schedule and join us at an upcoming event!