There are currently 2,200 of you who receive our email newsletter. If a significant number of you will become a part of the plan explained below, this ministry will be radically affected in many ways, such as:

  • We would have a predictable income stream allowing us to better plan and budget our funds.
  • Annual shortfalls of funds would be eliminated - freeing us from crisis appeals for funds that have become all too frequent.
  • Funding for communication/marketing of this vision will be made available where there currently is none, so that we can have a much more significant impact on the greater Church of the Twin Cities than we currently have.
  • Funds for needed sound system rentals for public outreach events and inner-city churches would be provided allowing us to freely reach into more inner-city churches and reach out to more un-churched people through public performances with the Heart of the City Band.

So what is this great plan? Recently, a local company called Reliafund showed us how we could mobilize many more of you to financially partner with us in this effort without having to make a large financial commitment through Direct Donations. We are looking for 325 of you to commit to giving a very small regular donation of $20 a month through automatic giving. Currently, only $32,000 of our $110,000 budget comes in from a small group of individuals and churches who give monthly to this ministry. The rest of our funds come in through unpredictable one-time gifts, honorariums, offerings at events and CD sales. This reality makes it very difficult for us to plan and to budget for each year and often puts us in crisis. That's what makes what Reliafund has to offer so significant to us. Through Reliafund, we can transfer your donation directly from your account into ours at a fraction of what it costs through the mail. Just like many of you do with your monthly bills, with your permission, the bank will make your donation to Heart of the City Ministries directly.

Here's what you do: You don't have to write out a check, send a letter and pay for postage. Simply complete the authorization form below and indicate the amount and date you wish your gift to be withdrawn. You can increase, decrease or stop your contribution any time you'd like by calling our office or writing us a note. Just give us a week to make your change. Your donation will be transferred safely and securely from your bank account and deposited in ours, eliminating uncertainty in our monthly receipts. Direct Donation is a great way for a large number of you to carry a very small weight and together lift an enormous load!

If you are already a one-time donor, would you consider donating regularly and take advantage of the convenience of this system? And if you already are a regular giver, you can stop mailing your checks and take advantage of this system as well if you'd like. If you haven't given, would you consider even a small gift of $20 every month to help us in this vital ministry of unity and reconciliation amongst Christians and evangelistic outreach to those who don't yet know Jesus? All of your donations are tax-deductible and will be receipted at the end of the year.

We are ready to accept your monthly commitment to stand beside this vital ministry. Everything is in place, so please fill out the direct donation form below and mail it to us at:

as soon as you can. Remember, even if your monthly gift is only $20 a month, it will make a great difference for us at almost no inconvenience to you! Pray with us that many will respond to this opportunity and take this ministry to a whole new place! A lot giving a little can get the job done!

Click here to download the Direct Donation Authorization form.

God bless!